Isabelle Kerr is a 20 year old who represents the youth who are too well educated and classy to talk with such foul language displayed within this piece. She describes this slang to back up the idea that all young people are ‘ASBO wielding yobs’, which is very ironic as she has used slang to […]

The city, the famous square mile, where money is made but the taxes ain’t paid. The biggest casino in London, just across from the council estate in which I live, this type of financial and social disparity could only exist in a place like London. For all I could say which is wrong with the […]

It is 6:30am and the people rise with great discomfort to the sound of Kanye¬†West’s good morning, then the unsubtle sound of shouting scout leaders. The scouts must find their uniform. Listen how the gentle groan descends upon the circle in the middle. This is not a happy time. This is a time where your […]

“Something preordained by a bored and evil force” Joe uses a metaphor and personification to show danger and fear in Touching the void. This quote is the thoughts of Simon just after he cut the rope on Joe and Simon believes Joe is dead.¬†By saying that there is an “evil force” which is “preordained” means […]

I will be talking about how the different poets and Shakespeare use literary techniques to respond to forces which are beyond human control. I will also be looking at the themes that are used in these texts to show how each writer has different views on forces beyond our control; death, love and fate. This […]

This new act starts with two grave diggers, where Shakespeare is trying to lighten the mood within the play. They are preparing the grave for Ophelia but are discussing the fact that she is being buried in a Catholic cemetery even though she killed herself, which is against the teaching of Catholicism. They say that […]

A messenger arrives with a letter for Claudius from Hamlet saying that he’s coming back to Denmark, Claudius concerned with this, suggests that Laertes to have a duel with Hamlet but plan to cover the tip of Laertes sword with poison. This will cover it up as an accident and clear Claudius of any wrong […]

Horatio has a letter delivered to him by some sailors from Hamlet, which describes his situation at sea, where pirates captured his boat and he was the only person to be held prisoner; everyone else continued there journey to England. Hamlet says of a story he has to tell Horatio when he gets back to […]

The scene starts with Gertrude, Horatio and a Gentlemen who is trying to convince Gertrude to go speak and see to Ophelia. When Gertrude enters the room, Ophelia sings about the Queen and Polonius showing Gertrude that Ophelia is clearly mad. Claudius enters and Ophelia continues to talk nonsense until she leaves, where Claudius sends […]

This scene starts with Fortinbras asking his captain to go and ask Claudius for permission to go through Denmark, he also says that he is willing to do a favour for Claudius if he grants him permission. The Captain bumps into Hamlet, Guildenstern and Rosencrantz where Hamlet asks the Captain who’s troops they are and […]

The scene starts with Claudius talking to some of his attendants about how Hamlet is a danger to everyone and his plans to send him to England. He tells Rosencrantz and Guildenstern that they must go and get Hamlet to bring him before Claudius. Claudius asks Hamlet where Polonius is and he answers jovially by […]